Reflections and Moving Forward

My studies have taken priority over the manuscript buried on my hard drive. On that note there’s a novel on the way, but it’s at such a stage currently that I’m not ready to talk about a release date. I’m starting my spring break after class this afternoon, and while I plan on getting ahead of my studies, I intend to invest a good bit of the break on my book. Please forgive me if I start rambling about my #TinFoilHat in the coming months.

The scope of my literary experience has expanded significantly since publishing The Blue Moon Catastrophe. The study of literature has enabled me to consider my options, and still all I want to do is write fiction. On the business side I’ve gotten acquainted with social networking while scrutinizing the field of self publishing, and I’m still feeling my way around.

In spite of this growth I still take pride when reflecting on my first novel. It’s a mystery/thriller that includes a bit of satire on the follies of the hospitality industry. I always imagined that I’d write on my time working in hospitality, but not until after that time had passed. The danger of such a project made it fun, as I feared it could’ve compromised my employment. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t expect a fiction disclaimer to protect a lower level management job.

Now I know I’ll need to produce more, and more often if I’m to forge a career in such a disposable marketplace. I don’t entertain the idea of instant success, as I know it’ll take a few consistent novels before any ground can be established beneath my feet. On that note I figure I’m little more than a nonentity in the field. I’ve looked into the right time to offer a free book promotion, and based on the numerous variables that applied to me now is not the that time. Such advice has been wasted on me. I’d like to offer an ebook version of The Blue Moon Catastrophe for free today through Sunday on Amazon.



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