Life After College

Not dead yet… that’s right, I’ve survived 2016. With that in mind my life is going well. Got my English degree, enough debt to weep at, and my health. Much of the questions regarding my life revolve around career pursuits, but what continues without question is the will to write fiction. Since graduation I’ve been compiling a collection of short stories, and am twenty-five thousand words into a novel project. It is with confidence that I say I’ll release something in 2017.

I’m excited for the New Year. I don’t usually play up the idea of being held to resolutions, but I’m building off of established momentum. Routines are in place, and content is being written with consistent urgency.

For better consistent writing consistent reading is necessary. I’ll share what’s on my plate, for the hell of it. I just finished reading Cat Incarcerated by Noah Nichols. Tomorrow I’ll begin my decent into all things The Tempest. First I’ll read the play by Shakespeare, and then I’ll read the retelling Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood. Then in early February I’ll see a production of the play by my heroes in the LDP at OSU.